A Compelling Example of Restaurant Social Media Done The Right Way

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A Compelling Example of Restaurant Social Media Done The Right Way

This Restaurant Wins at Marketing

We’d like to share a recognizable restaurant who is using Branding and Messaging to their advantage. Olive Garden is a great example of a restaurant that aligns its Branding and Messaging across all channels.  

Olive Garden’s Branding and Messaging is consistent across all of their platforms – their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a result, Olive Garden has more than 6.5 million followers on Facebook, 350,000 followers on Twitter, and 330,000 followers on Instagram.

What Makes Olive Garden Stand Out?

When you think about Olive Garden, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For us, it’s the endless soup, salad, and, most importantly, breadsticks. If you take a closer look at their social media accounts, you will see images of the endless soup, salad, and breadsticks between posts of delicious-looking pastas, cocktails, and desserts. They also often highlight their take-out food in to-go containers, which is perfect for lunch breaks or catered events.

Olive Garden Instagram Feed Branding

A screen capture of Olive Garden’s Instagram account.

On Olive Garden’s Facebook page you will notice that they respond to all, if not most, of their customers’ comments – the good and the bad. If an unhappy customer leaves a public comment, Olive Garden is quick to respond with an apology, and asks the customer to send them a private message so they can understand why they had the negative experience and fix the issue. This proves to customers that Olive Garden isn’t just a big name, and that they truly care about their customers.