The Importance of Restaurant Branding & Messaging

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The Importance of Restaurant Branding & Messaging

Your restaurant’s branding is made up of experience and design. The customer’s experience depends on the staff, service, and, of course, the food. The elements of design include your restaurant’s atmosphere and strategic messaging, which is your restaurant’s unique value proposition, your story and social media persona, and graphic design, which includes your logo, signage, menu and website.

When the customer’s experience and your restaurant’s design come together, they create your restaurant’s brand. This is how customer’s perceive you.

Send the Right Message to your Customers

There’s quite a lot of elements that make up your brand. Are they all sending the same message to your customers? If your customers are receiving different messages, for example, from your staff and social media, then they may be confused about what your restaurant stands for. Customers are looking for a certain dining experience based on their needs and interests.

Let’s take a look at how important messaging is to your restaurant. For example, a family of four with two children under the age of four made their way to a loud sports bar for dinner which claimed to be family-friendly on their social media accounts. The staff at the bar are extremely laid back, and sometimes may let out a few profanities as they pass by watching their team play on the TV above the family’s table. They are trained to cater to the die-hard, beer-loving, pub food-grubbin’ sports enthusiasts. The staff of the bar can’t relate as well to the family of four that just wanted to enjoy a nice, peaceful meal in a family-friendly establishment, which the sports bar claimed to be on their Facebook page.

The moral of the story here is to send the same message on all fronts – consistency is key. And as long as your message is focused on your restaurant’s ideal target customers, they will come walking through your front door. Don’t confuse them, simply invite them in by appealing to their needs and interests.

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Strategic Messaging is Key to Restaurant Design

Your restaurant’s messaging is your story. Make sure it includes your location(s), cuisine, ambiance, and strength(s). Your restaurant’s messaging appears on your website, social media, email newsletters, logo and signage. Your messaging should be easily recognizable, concise, and to the point. You should be able to say it within 30 seconds. If someone walks up to you on the street and asks you what type of restaurant you own/manage, this would be your response. Your restaurant’s “Voice,” including messaging, pictures and videos will be consistently used across all platforms to establish credibility and convert potential customers. Consistency will help you avoid situations like above which result in unhappy customers.

Your Customer’s Experience Depends on Your Staff

Your restaurant staff is the face of your brand. The serving staff is responsible for communicating your brand to your customers. They do this in the form of customer service. Your kitchen staff is responsible for creating a unique customer experience through the food that you serve. Ensure that your entire staff is aware of your brand, your story, and your messaging strategy, and understands how to communicate it so that each customer receives the same service and brand messaging. Again, consistency is key here.

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Your Brand is Your Voice is Your Messaging

All of these components come together to form your restaurant’s brand. The brand isn’t just the logo. It has to do with what you say to your customers and how and where you present yourself.